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Why invest in a Buy to Let property

Why Invest in Buy To Let properties


The property business is a financially rewarding and exciting business. It can produce a consistent income, even once you have retired. New research has revealed that houses prices have grown faster in the UK than any other Europeans country. In fact, since 1988  house prices have gone up by a staggering 333%. This represents an average rise of 12.3% per year. Many home owners have benefited from the rising housing market and have seen their property increasing in value over the years. No wonder property investment is now seen by many as the best way to provide long term financial security.

5 reasons to invest in a Buy to Let property now:

  1. House prices will carry on increasing due to serious shortage of housing.
  2. High rental demand set to continue due to increasing population.
  3. Increasing monthly rental income due to shortage of housing.
  4. Cheaper borrowing due to low interest rate
  5. Buy through us and get instant equity in your property

Unlike other type of investments, landlords can generate three different source of income from one Buy to Let property:

Instant Equity:

When purchasing a buy to let property below Market Value through The Empire property Group, you can benefit from what is called Instant Equity. Instant equity is the difference between the Market Value of the property and the price paid. So for example, a buy to let property with a market value of £120,000 sold below market value at only £90,000 will generate instant equity of £30,000! This is a substantial extra income which can be generated when selling your buy to let property. To receive our latest Below Market value Properties, register your details now.

Rental Income:

The most obvious income generated by a Buy to Let property is the monthly rental income. There is currently a very high demand for rental properties in the UK. This is due to our ever increasing population and the fact that many people can not afford to buy their own home. These facts coupled with a real shortage of housing in the UK have meant that rental demand has gone up and landlords have seen their rental income  increase over the last few years. In fact, rental demand is so high that landlords are benefiting from the highest level of rental income ever seen while rental void periods have gone down dramatically. Rental yields have also gone up and The Empire Property Group is proud to offer its investors Buy To Let properties with fantastic rental yields currently averaging 10%. To receive our latest high Yielding properties, register your details now.

Capital Growth:

In the longer term, a Buy To Let property can generate another source of income through Capital Growth. Historically, property prices have doubled in value every 7 years so many people have benefited from huge Capital growth on their properties over the years. We are currently witnessing a real increase in property prices and experts are confident that the situation is here to stay for the forseeable future. This is excellent news for property investors: Assuming a very conservative 5% increase in property prices per year, a property worth £100,000 when purchased would be worth £127,628 within five years. This would mean a landlord selling his property within 5 years could benefit from a gross income of £27,628 on top of the monthly rental income he received from his Buy To let property over the years.

With so much to offer, Buy to Let investment is currently proving extremely popular with investors in the UK and Overseas. So whether you are new to investing or a seasoned property investor, The Empire Property Group can help you build a successful property portfolio which could give you and your family financial freedom for the future.

By registering with us you also get our expertise, knowledge of the property Investment market and advice free of charge. We are proud of the service we offer and our customers seem to agree as a large proportion of our new business comes from our clients referring us to their friends and family.  For more information call us NOW on 0208 339 6777  or register your details to receive our latest discounted properties in the UK.