Finding a tenant for your property is more of an art than a science. It has, in a sense, got a lot to do with psychology.

You only need one tenant to fall in love with your property. It’s not about the economy and the property market. They only care about finding the right place that they can call home.

One of the costliest mistakes made by landlords is to ignore the visual psychology involved in gaining tenants immediate attention. Tenants become interested in a property when they walk in and feel, “I could live here.” They imagine it as their home. First impression really is paramount.

No matter what state the property market is in, there are two rules that always succeed when you want to rent out your property:

1/ Make it look amazing

2/ Price it right

Whatever the asking price, the property’s appearance needs to be flawless.

If a property is empty it can feel cold, underwhelming or overwhelming and unwelcoming which is the exact opposite of what most applicants would be looking for! The right type of furniture can make a huge difference to the appearance and desirability of a property.

Additionally, furniture also gives tenants the perspective on the room, as well as also attracting corporate contracts. It maximises the rental value and gives your property the competitive edge ensuring its inviting, memorable and stands out!

It is important to also design the property as neutral as possible when it comes to colour schemes to allow for a wider range of tastes. A bit of colour of course but only in the soft furnishings which can be easily changed.


Grey or beige scales as a base, classic straight curtains and simple sophisticated designs on furniture give it a luxury feel. Candles and fabulous lighting also work well, as does art work.

Coffee table books and little fashion/design items to make your property look like a home is also vital. Always stick to classics and again colour schemes that are appealing to most.

Nothing should stand out too much, yet it must be memorable and inviting.