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    Below Market Value ( BMV) properties are residential properties available at a price below their actual market value. This is usually because the owners of such property need to sell their property very quickly. In most cases, the sellers will sell their property below market value because they are faced with some kind of financial difficulty or even face repossession. Some people sell their property below market value due to a divorce or because they are relocating. Selling a home below market value means the owner can dispose of their property quickly, without going through a complicated and lengthy process.

    The Empire Property Group has been sourcing genuine Below Market value properties for nearly 16 years. Most properties are at least 25% below market value but in some cases can be as much as 40% below market value. In order to verify the market value of all our properties, we carry out extensive due diligence on each property and present our clients with a full due diligence report including sales comparables, agents comparables and when available a RICS valuation.

    Purchasing a below market value property is an excellent way for property investors to maximize return on their investment as they are effectively purchasing a property with Instant Equity built in. For example, a property worth £100,000 on the open market can be bought through The Empire Property Group at £75,000. The property investor can benefit from £25,000 instant equity from day one.
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